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About LifeSpeak for Kids

Parenting isn’t easy. Whether you’re a 2-parent family, a single parent or grandparents, raising children takes time, resources and energy... lots of it. Now imagine being a working mother of 3 with a daily 104-mile commute that includes bringing a 4 year-old along for most of the ride. Wilma Hollis enjoyed her job, but the commute was taking a serious toll on her family... especially her little girl. She didn’t know it at the time, but the car that the Mom/TV Producer was driving would become the birthplace of a company that would empower children worldwide.


Wilma Hollis tried everything to make quality time out of the morning and evening commute with her daughter. Singing, story-telling and playing games became the commute’s routine. But this Mom of Faith, wanted to make it something more, much more. So instead of endlessly singing tunes like “The Wheels on the Bus,”  “BINGO,” and other well-known children’s songs,   she began memorizing and then teaching scriptures to her daughter. Instead of just being entertained, now, the 4 year old was being empowered.


Wilma realized that there were many parents who, like her and her husband, wanted to spend more time with their children focusing on the Word of God, but struggled to find the daily energy and a convenient strategy. So God gave her a plan that would make scripture learning not only easy, fun and empowering for children, but also for the parents, grandparents, daycare providers and others who love, teach and care for them.

Currently, the LIFESPEAK FOR KIDS Family of products includes:


LifeSpeak for Kids Volume 1


LifeSpeak for Kids Volume 2: MORE POWER


Adventures of the LifeSpeak Kids Episodes 1, 2 & 3


LifeSpeak for Babies: Spoken Blessings


These products have been created to empower your children

(ages birth to tweens) with the love and power of God’s Word.


Parenting isn’t easy, but at, we can help.

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